A journalist and her colleague find themselves unexpectedly detained by a band of insurgents, as bombs rain down on a war-torn landscape. Her captors offer one telephone call — a chance to reconnect with the mother she hasn't seen in ten years, who's now living in Turkey and preparing a celebration of the great Sufi poet Rumi. History, religion, and the beauty of whirling dervishes collide in this powerful, ripped-from-the-headlines portrait of a world at war.

Sinan Ünel's plays have been produced in New York, Boston, New Haven, Los Angeles, London, Germany, and Austria. A Huntington Playwriting Fellow, Ünel is the winner of the John Gassner Memorial Award, the Daryl Roth Creative Spirit Award, and the lark Theater's New Play Award. His other plays include Pera Palas, Pathétique, Tolstoy's Den, Thalassa My Heart, and The Three of Cups.