BU College of Fine Arts

Boston University

Boston University VenueA leading conservatory for the study of all aspects of the theatrical profession, the Boston University College of Fine Arts School of Theatre, founded in 1954, values the notion of “the new conservatory” and seeks to provide students with opportunities for artistic growth through a rigorous curriculum, professional connections, and an emphasis on collaboration and new work. Since 1982, the school has enjoyed an educational and artistic collaboration with the Huntington Theatre Company, which is its professional theatre in residence.

The BU College of Fine Arts School of Music Opera Institute, founded in 1987 by Dean Emerita Phyllis Curtin, is a non-degree professional training program for the advanced singer preparing for an operatic career. Twelve emerging, professional singers participate in a challenging two-year residency that provides the crucial transition between student training and professional performance. The Institute also serves as the center for operatic training for Vocal Performance majors. Advanced singers from Opera Theatre and Opera Workshop study alongside Opera Institute singers in a performance-based curriculum, and form a pool for principal and ensemble casting for the two full-scale productions in the Boston University Theatre, performances of significant one-act operas in the annual Fall Fringe Festival, outreach projects, and opera scenes programs.

The Boston Center for American Performance serves as the professional production extension of the Boston University College of Fine Arts School of Theatre. Expanding the definition of the College as an "artistic home," BCAP is designed to foster significant interaction between members of the professional performing arts world and the College. Creating productions in one of our many venues in our home city, BCAP employs professional artists to collaborate directly with student artists in a way that encourages intergenerational learning not only through the forging of strong teacher/student relationships, but through the creation of artistic collaborations between artists of differing levels of experience. This initiative encourages interaction among professional faculty artists, alumni, students, and other affiliated artists both locally and nationally. It is the College's conviction that such collaborations will have a profound impact on our educational mission, become a significant source of inspiration for the creation of new work and/or new approaches to existing work, and provide the College with a professional extension of its expanding and diverse aesthetic.  

For more information about the School of Theatre, the School of Music Opera Institute, or BCAP, please contact Brooke MacKinnon, CFA Public Relations and Marketing Manager, at 617 353 3349.