She Kills Monsters’ Sword-Fighting Sister Act

There’s a lot to laugh at in Qui Nguyen’s swashbuckling, role-playing, dungeon-plumbing romp of a play, She Kills Monsters — just ask Agnes, the respectable high-school teacher who finds herself wrapped up in her younger sister’s Dungeons & Dragons world. But beneath the sexy warrior-princess costumes and the barren landscape of imaginary New Landia, Nguyen asks a tough question: what happens when you look into your sister’s fantasy world and discover you might be one of the villains?

It’s a question Jordan and Paige Clark, who play Agnes and Tilly in Company One’s upcoming production of She Kills Monsters, are uniquely prepared to answer. After all, the older-sister/younger-sister dynamic is one they’ve explored every day of their lives — and one they’re taking very seriously as part of Company One’s dynamic cast of gamers, lovers, and fighters. 

“Working on a play with my sister definitely makes me more vulnerable,” Paige says. “There are some real-life parallels in the play that I really identify with: the bullying, the disagreements about who we’re dating, the disapproving of each other’s style. So when we’re working those scenes, we really have to go there, because, well, we’ve already been there.”

This is the first Company One show for Paige and the second for Jordan, who was cast as Junhee in this year’s prior sister-focused drama, You For Me For You. Both Clarks were longtime fans of Company One, and when they saw that the season offered two opportunities for sibling roles, they were determined to get cast together in one. And so far, working together has been everything they’ve ever expected — plus a little bit more. Both sisters say they think they can bring a greater sense of authenticity to the relationship, but authenticity can take its toll: Paige, the eldest, has a hard time watching Jordan experience some of Tilly’s distress and heartbreak in the role. Jordan, in turn, has been more than a little self-conscious about some of her character’s make-out scenes. 

“I have to try to think of Paige as just another actor sometimes,” Jordan admits. “It’s a little weird.”

The weirdness, however, is precisely what made these roles so irresistible to the Clark sisters, who’ve fully immersed themselves in Dungeons & Dragons culture — they play on weekends, now, with Paige’s husband serving as their Dungeon Master — to do justice to Nguyen’s work. The stage combat, the puppetry, and “the chance to play a woman kicking ass!”, as Paige says, made the roles in She Kills Monsters the most coveted, and competitive, of Company One’s season. The Clarks, who’ve never worked together onstage before, couldn’t be prouder to make this show their family debut.

“The range we go through in the show is astounding: silly comedy, bad-ass sword fighting, and some really heartfelt drama towards the end,” says Paige. “I'm just thrilled to be going on this journey, with my sister by my side.”

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