American Moor

Written by Keith Hamilton Cobb
Directed by Kim Weild

Presented by O.W.I (Bureau of Theatre)
South End / BCA Plaza Theatre
July 19 - Aug 12, 2017


Funny, ironic and deeply moving, American Moor explores the process of auditioning for the role of Othello. An audition process that invariably ends up with a large black man on stage responding to white middle-aged decision makers who portend to understand how a charismatic, intelligent, black man should react in an alien society.

“…when you hear Cobb reciting lines from A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Richard III, Romeo and Juliet, and even a major source of conflict, Othello, you are witnessing a man in love—caressing the couplets, joyfully unraveling the tangled limbs of wordplay, embracing the potent truth of every line.”—Jayne Blanchard, DC Theatre Scene

“I crept in to watch a black actor talk about the systemic racism of theater and society as a whole, was genuinely uncomfortable as I faced Cobb’s anger face-to-face. But it was a delicious discomfort, the kind of conscience-tickling monkey wrench that only live theatre can throw into the mechanism of the mind. I had a lot to think about after Mr. Cobb took his bows to a standing ovation.” — Michael Poandl, DC Metro Theatre Arts

Approximate Running Time: 100 minutes, no intermission

There will be no late seating for this production. 

Suitable for ages 14+

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