A knock at the door followed by an accusation of an undisclosed crime forces Betty Bam to engage in a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse with her would-be pursuers.   Charming Betty will take on many roles in a no-holds-barred attempt to escape her fate.  Daughter.  Wife.  Temptress.   Actress.  Cold blooded killer.   But which is the real Betty Bam?  Who killed Pyotr Nikolayevich?  And isn’t that him standing right over there?

Follow the beguiling Betty through her many incarnations as she attempts to make meaning in a landscape of rapidly shifting genres and ever-present threat when the imaginary beasts return this spring with a play that defies classification and expectation.  Betty Bam, Part Two of their lauded Daniil Kharms’ Project, is an original adaptation based on Kharms’ Elizaveta Bam.

Approximate Running Time:  70 minutes with no intermission.

Recommended for audiences age 13 and older.