“Rough, rude, fast, loud, and irreverent.”The Boston Globe
“Don’t miss this firecracker of a show. ”BerkshireOnStage.com
“For A 'Bloody Bloody' Good Time, Call Andrew Jackson”WBUR
“Might just be the break-out hit of the season”Boston Theatre Review
“History class was never as much fun”Metro

Before Obama sang Al Green, before Clinton played the sax, before Nixon deputized Elvis, Andrew Jackson was America's first rock-and-roll president.

Born in a log cabin and oozing devil-may-care charisma, our seventh Commander-in-Chief rocks the mic in Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson. Tight pants and power chords fuel the story of his rise to power, clashes with the cabinet, battles with British, skirmishes with the Spanish and oh, yeah...that pesky Indian problem.

The Huntington