Lava Fossil is Beth Nixon's suitcase theater show about a dad, a crab, a dentist, and where things go when they are gone. Plus! The secret life of eel grass, an ash-encrusted visitor from Pompeii, and how to measure grief with a ruler.

Adara Meyers' Talk To At Me is a hilarious send-up of America’s paradoxical obsession with intimacy and isolation. When two men and two women meet for some lighthearted social time amidst cafe au lait and croissants, their blissfully self-centered conversation goes awry once a rat disrupts their good time, which uncovers the violent underpinnings of their all-too-cozy lives.

Still, it’s drop dead funny.

Approximate running time: 90 minutes with one intermission.


Part of Doubles, Demons, and Dreamers, a festival of plays, trans cabaret, and solo performance presented by Sleeping Weazel.