imaginary beasts bound into town this January with a ribbiting tale of wonder when they refashion another classic fairy tale into a fantasy of amphibious proportions.

The Book of Oracles predicts the kingdom is doomed unless the unruly Princess Aurelia marries before the looming total eclipse of the sun!  Meanwhile, our hero, Prince Friedrich, is on his way to woo and possibly wed the wild Aurelia when an ill-fated encounter with a wicked water nymph turns him into a frog!

Now, in order to bring about a traditional “hoppy” ending, the entire Kingdom – from Her Royal Majesty down to an unlikely pet skunk – must band together and take a giant leap of faith, or be caught in the clammy clutches of the wicked nixie forever!

The classic Tale of the Frog Prince receives the full Panto treatment when the beasts return with their annual Winter Panto.  Audiences of all ages will want to hop on over to the Boston Center for the Arts to catch the fun: KERPLOP! At the Plaza Black Box Theatre January 17 – February 7.

Approximate Running Time: 2 hours with one intermission.

The Huntington