Noir Hamlet

by John Minigan

Presented by Centastage
South End / BCA Plaza Theatres
6/14/18 - 6/30/18


There's nothing wrong with Hamlet that a drink and a gun won't fix. There's never a good time to find yourself on the roof, twelve flights above the sidewalk, not sure if you're alone. Will Hamlet get the better of rival detective Paolo Niro, discover the truth of his father's death, keep his mother Gertrude from marrying the guy who may have aced him, and hold on to the love of his secretary Rae Chio? It's a comedic case with more twists than a gallows necktie, and Hamlet will be lucky to keep his own neck out of the squeezer.
Noir Hamlet is a new and wild re-imagining of the Shakespeare classic written by local playwright John Minigan. The action takes place in the City of Angels. The year is 1949.

Run Time: 90 min

PWYC Monday June 18th, $10 minimum

WARNING: This shows contains gun shots 

The Huntington