Men on Boats

Written by Jaclyn Backhaus
Directed by Dawn M. Simmons

Presented by SpeakEasy Stage Company
South End / Calderwood Pavilion at the BCA
9/8/17 - 10/7/17


"Fiercely adventurous!"- THE PATRIOT LEDGER
"Equal parts splendidly entertaining and meaningfully insightful."- WICKED LOCAL
"Unforgettable... perhaps the most creative production in many a season."-SOUTH SHORE CRITIC
"A hilariously thrilling adventure... You'll unquestionably leave MEN ON BOATS laughing."- Rev. Irene Monroe, BAY WINDOWS
"Don't miss unusual story! You will not be disappointed!"- Guy Giampapa, STOUGHTON CABLE

Men on Boats

Boston Premiere
 Written by Jaclyn Backhaus
 Directed by Dawn M. Simmons

 Men on Boats is a rollicking adventure tale brought thrillingly to life by a gender-bending cast of diverse performers who use carefully exaggerated theatrics to tell the story of an actual 1869 expedition to chart the Colorado River. Comical but never camp, pointed but never political, this rousing historical saga is a provocative meditation on gender and historical memory that offers a new lens through which to view our shared past.
Approximate Running Time: 1 hour, 40 minutes without intermission


 Lyndsay Allyn Cox … O.G. Howland/Tsauwiat
 Ally Dawson … Hawkins
 Veronika Duerr* … William Dunn
 Bridgette Hayes … John Colton Sumner
 Alice Kabia … Hall
 Mal Malme … Old Shady
 Cody Sloan … Frank Goodman/Mr. Asa
 Robin JaVonne Smith … John Wesley Powell
 Hayley Spivey … Bradley
 Ellie van Amerongen … Seneca Howland/Bishop


The Huntington