"SPLENDID! The Huntington cast is just superb."The Boston Globe
"EXCELLENT! Very impressive acting — they're all pretty sexy, too."WBUR
"Very, very funny and thought-provoking!"Jared Bowen, WGBH
"A brilliant marriage of writing and performance that makes for extremely satisfying theatre."South Shore Critic
"Great helpings of edgy wit, barbed humor. Provocative entertainment with great talent and stagecraft. Peter DuBois does a masterful job of direction."Berkshire Fine Arts
"Vastly entertaining!"OnBostonStages.com
"Hip, sassy, and edgy comedy!Wicked Local

Are our beliefs and prejudices hard-wired into us? Four Harvard intellectuals – a doctor, an actress, a psychologist, and a neurobiologist studying the human brain’s response to race – search for love, success, and identity in a complex world. With barbed wit, Huntington Playwriting Fellow Lydia R. Diamond (Stick Fly) explores the inescapable nature of racism and other tricky topics in this controversial and fiercely funny new play that will be directed by Huntington Artistic Director Peter DuBois (Rapture, Blister, Burn and Sons of the Prophet).

"Quick-witted, wildly intelligent, and as entertaining as it is unsettling, Smart People is Lydia Diamond’s most ambitious play to date. Her debut play at the Huntington the wildly successful Stick Fly, was first and foremost about family dynamics, whereas Smart People is about big, controversial ideas. Yet the two share electrifying interpersonal relationships among surprising characters that infuse both stories with great humor and heart.” — Peter DuBois

What an outrageous honor – the luxury of returning to a theatre I’ve come to call home. I can think of no better place to launch my new play than within the smart, warm embrace of the Huntington. Smart People takes on big, risky ideas and lives in the world of risky questioning and flawed humanity. It is thrilling to have Peter DuBois at the helm of a ship that looks at huge, explosive ideas in nuanced and often humorous ways.”— Lydia R. Diamond


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