Written by Mark Gerrard
Directed by David J. Miller

Presented by Zeitgeist Stage Company
South End / BCA Plaza Theatres
3/2/18 - 3/24/18


Longtime partners, Steven and Stephen, are raising a son conceived with a surrogate while chafing at the confines of domesticity.  A casual case of sexting sets off a series of questions and recriminations between the couple and their circle of friends.  A surprisingly serious comedy by playwright Mark Gerrard in which no event is so grave or so trivial that it cannot be annotated with a musical comedy reference. You don’t have to be gay to identify with the married couples in Steve.  The play holds up a clear but compassionate mirror to anyone who’s been part of a post-passion long-term relationship and started to question what now?

Approximate Run Time: 85 minutes, no intermission.