by William Walton
Conducted by Gil Rose
Directed by Lynn Torgove 

William Walton’s “Extravaganza in one act” is a broad parody in refined musical strokes, channeling the arch humor of Chekhov’s play of the same name. Popova is an ostentatiously virtuous young widow; Smirnov is her late husband’s creditor whose blustering boorishness hides a sensitive heart. Sly insults, shouting matches, a duel, and…passion ensue.

by Arthur Sullivan
Conducted by James Blachly
Directed by Lynn Torgove 

This “musical folly” by famed composer Arthur Sullivan, in collaboration with librettist B.C. Stephenson, displays all the vivacity and agility of the golden age of British comic opera. Two pairs of lovers overcome obstacles to their affections, aided and abetted by running commentary from a chorus of Ladies and Gentlemen of the British Public. When you express your love by eating all the sweets at your sweetheart’s refreshment stall, or via easily mixed-up pharmaceuticals, complications are bound to arise—whether you’re a nobleman in disguise or an impoverished apothecary. But luckily, love, money, and Britannia conquer all!

Total Approximate Running Time: 2 hours with one 20 minute intermission

Part of the British Invasion Festival

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