This seminal work of the Off-Broadway movement premiered in 1968 and was a long-running hit onstage.  Michael is throwing a birthday party for Harold, a self-proclaimed “pock-marked, Jew fairy,” complete with surprise gift, the Cowboy, a street hustler. As the evening wears on, fueled by drugs and alcohol, bitter, unresolved resentments among the guests come to light when a game of "Truth or Dare" goes terribly wrong. 

Reviewing a 2010 revival, the Hollywood Reporter observed, “The Boys in the Band is one of the few plays that can honestly claim to have helped spark a social revolution.” 

The production will feature Victor Shopov (IRNE and Norton Award Winner for ZSC’s Bent) and Ryan Landry (Multiple Norton Award Winner for his work with the Gold Dust Orphans.)  

Approximate Running Time: 2 hours, 20 minues with one intermission