Desperate to cure his epilepsy, a young man underwent an experimental neurosurgery in 1953 — shockingly, the procedure destroyed his brain's ability to form new memories. Now known as Patient HM, he became widely studied, and his fascinating case serves asinspiration for The Forgetting Curve, a new play told in a non-linear style through the lens of fictional neuroscientist, Dr. Laura Nebbens. 

She has studied HM for several decades, and on the eve of accepting a prestigious award, struggles to reconcile all she has sacrificed to leave the legacy of her life's work. Both she and HM have made significant contributions to the scientific community, and the human race — but at what cost?

A large cast ensemble piece, The Forgetting Curve is presented in partnership with Theatrum Mundi Productions and Playhouse Creatures Theatre Company, NYC.

Approximate Running Time: 90 minutes with no intermission.