Award winning dance company, EgoArt, Inc. shares a sneak peek of their upcoming premiere The Opposites Game. Integrating a wide array of music and video imagery, the work explores opposing themes in four distinct chapters - Hot vs. Cold, Agitated vs. Tranquil, Tense vs. Slack and Together vs. Alone. Sound, movement, photographic image and set pieces intertwine as each dance juxtaposes and contrasts the one before.

Performance will include dance excerpts, discussion and news for the full-scale production next Spring. Thursday is "FANCY NIGHT!" - the special $30 ticket price includes one free drink and a special one-night-only performance by Nicole Pierce. Creative dress encouraged.

Artistic Director/Choreographer Nicole Pierce is known for her keen musicality, a complex muscular style and an intelligent theatrical sensibility that takes abstract ideas and turns them into visceral experiences that touch, provoke and entertain.

Approximate Running Time: 1 hour with no intermission.