“The Submission is a raw, unsentimental play about race and gender that exposes the quiet prejudice and intolerance among even our most progressive thinkers. It is both uncomfortable and impossible to not watch.” – Associated Press 

Tickets for regular performances are $25 in advance*
and $30 on the day-of-performance. 

Preview weekend (May 8 - May 10) tickets are $20 in advance*
and $25 on the day-of-performance.

*ticket prices go up 20 hours prior to a scheduled performance

Shaleeha G’ntamobi has written a gritty ghetto drama about an alcoholic African-American and her cardsharp son in the projects, and it’s been accepted by the prestigious Humana Festival.  The problem is that Shaleeha is actually a pseudonym for Danny, a young gay white playwright, created in the hopes of increasing the plays chances for success.  

Danny hires Emilie, an African American actress, to impersonate his nome de plume. Complications ensue as Danny drags Emilie, and his friends, down a path of lies and betrayal.

The Submission is a fierce and hilarious drama about privilege, obsession, and the lies we tell to get what we want.

Approximate Running Time: 2 hours with no intermission