Written by Mark Doherty
Directed by Carmel O'Reilly

Presented by Tir Na Productions
South End / BCA Plaza Theatres
4/29/20 - 5/17/20


"So funny I wept, so tragic I couldn’t stop laughing- yes, there’s no doubt about it. Mark Doherty’s Trad is a quintessentially Irish play." - The Boston Globe

A fable about tradition in a mad place. Trad is the hilarious tale of hundred year old Thomas and his improbably ancient Da. When Thomas reveals that he once fathered a son in along ago fling, the pair set off across the Irish countryside to find the unknown child, with nothing more than a hobble and a limp to help them.

Approximate Run Time: Trad plays in approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes with no intermission.

The Huntington