by Pietro Mascagni
Libretto by Giovanni Targiono-Tozzetti and Guido Menasci

Zanetto paints an emotional vignette of Silvia, an aging courtesan disillusioned with life and love. A minstrel, stopping below her balcony, sings a youthful paean to love. Intrigued and attracted, Silvia descends to chat the youth up; he tells her that he has heard that the beautiful courtesan Silvia lives nearby. Assailed by powerful and conflicting passions, Silvia realizes she has one more chance at love, but balks at shattering the boy’s idealized vision.

Il Segreto di Susanna
by Ermanno Wolf-Ferrari
Libretto by Enrico Goliscani 

Suspicions and convoluted evasions abound in the humorous Il segreto di Susanna. Recently married, Count Gil suspects his young wife Susanna of infidelity because he frequently smells tobacco on her clothes. Susanna goes to great lengths to conceal her unladylike habit, and much havoc ensues.

Total Approximate Running Time: 90 minutes with a brief intermission. Performed in Italian with projected English supertitles.

Presented in repertory with Un giorno di regno.

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