"David Cromer grabs Inge's portrait of marriage by the scruff of its neck and leaves a riveting, must-see production."Chicago Tribune
"An absorbing, sometimes wrenching production. Cromer's speciality is to force us to take a second look at venerable dramas we think we know, and Sheba proves well worth that second look."— The Boston Globe
"Unforgettably moving!"— South Shore Critic

"This production is beautifully realized, both merciless and sympatheic. Steaming with feeling."



When Doc and Lola Delaney rent a room in their cluttered Midwestern home to Marie, a vivacious college student, her youthful energy stirs up forgotten dreams and missed opportunities. Visionary director David Cromer, the creative force behind the Huntington's acclaimed production of Our Town, returns to the Roberts Studio Theatre for this intimate and heartrending portrait of a marriage.

Approximate run time: 2 hours, 5 minutes with one 10-minute intermission

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"David Cromer's magnificent production of Our Town transported us into a familiar work with shockingly poignant intimacy, and I know that is what he'll bring to this new production."— Peter DuBois


"I'm excited to share this play with my friends at the Huntington. Time only moves forward; which is an inevitable tragedy because it carries us away from our youth, our joys, and people we loved. But it's also a mercy because it promises some future redemption for our mistakes. Hope is a hard-won thing. Inge explores these huge ideas so delicately in Come Back, Little Sheba."— David Cromer