"A feat of exhilarating imagineering, the performance piece heralded the emergence of director/writer/technical whiz Natsu Onoda Power as a captivating force in Washington theater."— The Washington Post
"Having actors sketch onstage, as others interacted with animated movies and 3-D cartoon figures, transformed the theater from a Studio in name only to one where experimental breakthroughs truly can happen.”— The Washington Post

Lauded for its technical and artistic genius, Astro Boy and the God of Comics serves up live animation, interactive video, and a 1960s dream of the future. Astro Boy – a crimefighting, sweet-faced robot – and his creator, Osamu Tezuka – the real-life Father of Manga and “Walt Disney of Japan” – explore the intersections of science, art, and family. Director and Playwright Natsu Onoda Power’s high-octane, convention-breaking Astro Boy was called “one of the Top 3 Best Theater Experiences in 2012” by The Washington Post.

Appropriate for ages 9 and up