Le medecin malgre lui

by Charles Gounod

Presented by Odyssey Opera
Avenue of the Arts / Huntington Avenue Theatre
11/9/18 and 11/11/18


In this opéra comique, Sganarelle, a poor woodcutter and doctor’s assistant, is quarrelling with his wife, Martine, when a wealthy neighbor, Geronte, is in need of a doctor to cure his daughter, Lucinde. She has been suddenly struck dumb, and Martine suggests her husband is just the doctor Geronte needs! However, Lucinde is only pretending to be dumb to avoid being married off by her father to a rich suitor; her true love is the handsome, yet tragically poor Leandre. Audiences will enjoy this comedy that established Gounod’s compositional voice and his position as an operatic composer.

Run time: 90 minutes, with no intermission.