"The show is very absurdist ... it's Kurt Vonnegut through and through...very funny."- Jared Bowen, WGBH-TV, Greater Boston
"Intensely creative ... nearly perfect ... a ridiculous and worthwhile experience."DigBoston
"One more nugget of gold from our dearly departed author."- NE Theatre Geek
"Very funny and extremely absurd...an Americanized version of a Monty Python work."- Boston Events Insider
"This play is truly an American original. Very Vonnegut."- Berkshire Fine Arts

Roland Stackhouse thinks our greatest obstacle is indecisiveness—and he has the answer! Make Up Your Mind Inc. But just as business takes off, romance rears its head, and Stackhouse finds himself in a world of wealthy coquettes, paid enforcers, blue movies and confused clergy. It's a world only Kurt Vonnegut could imagine! Alternately hilarious and touching, Kurt Vonnegut's Make Up Your Mind is really about more than sticking to decisions—it's about that rarest of all commodities, human connection.

Approximate Running Time: 90 minutes with no intermission. 

The Huntington