Artistic Director: DeAnna Pellecchia
Choreographer: DeAnna Pellecchia

Presented By KAIROS Dance Theater
South End / BCA Plaza Theatres
11/15/19 - 11/17/19


Following a three-year development process, KAIROS’s evening-length, multimedia performance exploring the feminine experience, the spectrum of gender, and the resilience of harassment and abuse survivors, will get its premiere run November 15-17 at the Boston Center for the Arts Plaza Theatre. "OBJECT." strapsaudiences into an emotional roller coaster -- careening them from laughter to wonder to provocation to discomfort. The show’s three acts are driven by, and in response to, decades of the objectification of women that’s been commonplace, in all threads of the culture. "OBJECT." is punctuated by spoken word, projections of historic imagery and video clips, and audio passages that are alternatingly empowering and disturbing. The evening features a pre-show series of informal performances by drag-queens, cabaret performers and pole dancers that focus on the themes and inspirations for the formal show.

Approximate run time: OBJECT. plays in 2 hours with one intermission.