"With uncommon grace, Belber asks what it takes to connect people in these disconnected times, showing what the power of live theatre can be." — WBUR
"The question Charlie confronts is the one we all face: whether he has the power, not to change the world, but to change himself." — The Boston Globe
"The cast is exemplary, and director Peter DuBois's skills have flawlessly interwoven to punctuate the wonderful storytelling of playwright Stephen Belber."  Berkshire Fine Arts
"Huntington head Peter DuBois does a great job of directing the material, getting a first-class job from the cast." — WBUR
"SMART & INTRIGUING! Belber brings considerable wit to the enterprise."The Boston Globe
"A BRILLIANTLY PROVOCATIVE THEATRICAL EVENT full of wit and laugh-out-loud humor."Berkshire Fine Arts
"REALLY QUITE EXTRAORDINARY! There's so much to think about!" — WGBH
"Stephen Belber writes intelligent dialogue that crackles with biting humor."— The New York Times

When burnt-out local TV newscaster Charlie Duff suddenly begins offering a prayer at the end of his nightly broadcasts, he instantly becomes a popular and controversial figure to an expanding audience.  But even as his prayers inspire millions, Charlie struggles with his own beliefs and his inability to connect with his estranged son.

Approximate run time: 2 hours and fifteen minutes, including one 10-minute intermission.

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“Uniquely comic and unabashedly theatrical, The Power of Duff also pulses with incredible emotional clarity. It tells the transformative story of one man waking up to life, just as it seemed he was too lost and it was too late.”— Peter DuBois