Director: Shipra Avantica Mehrotra
Composers: Ramhari Das and Bijay Jena

Presented by Priya Bangal
South End / BCA Plaza Theatres


{Sanskrit: stream; flow; current; unbroken series or succession}
A presentation in Odissi Dance.

Odissi is a form of classical dance from the Eastern Indian state of Odisha that has its roots in ritual temple dancing dating back to the 2nd Century BCE. Known for its sinuous form and rapt expressions, Odissi brings to life the sculptures that ornament the walls of the ancient temples of Orissa. Pravāha features works from the traditional Odissi repertoire conceived and choreographed at the Orissa Dance Academy, Bhubaneswar, India; rendered through the contemporary outlook of Artistic Director Shipra Mehrotra. It is a realization that Classical traditions presented through new perspectives contributes to their continued flowing vitality rather than surviving as stagnant pieces of antiquity.

Running time: One hour, with no intermission.

Shipra Avantica Mehrotra is recognized today as a leading Odissi dancer, choreographer, and educator. The New York Times described Shipra's performance at the 2010 Erasing Borders dance festival as 'wholly poetic' and 'the truest revelation of dance itself.'  Her work with dancer Priya Bangal is supported by the Traditional Arts Apprenticeship awarded by the Massachussetts Cultural Council for FY2019.