"A wholly engrossing production . . . [Director M. Bevin] O'Gara elicits some of the finest ensemble acting seen on any Boston stage this year."The Boston Globe
"A typical – i.e. terrific – SpeakEasy production . . . [Erica] Spyres is out of this world."WBUR
"DO NOT MISS TRIBES!"Joyce Kulhawik
"TRIBES begs us to listen. With a production as compelling as this one, it’s hard not to."White Rhino Report
"Unquestionably, one of the best new plays of the year."— Huffington Post
"A smart, lively new play that asks us to hear how we hear, in silence as well as speech."— The New York Times
"Fiercely intelligent, caustically funny, and emotionally wrenching."— Independent (London)


New England Premiere!

Born deaf into an argumentative academic family, Billy was pushed to assimilate into the hearing world as best he could by reading lips and staying out of the way. But when a young woman introduces him to the Deaf community, Billy decides it is time his family learns to communicate with him on his terms.

With: James Caverly, Adrianne Krstansky, Kathryn Myles, Nael Nacer, Patrick Shea, and Erica Spyres.

*Please note:

NO LATE SEATING — There is no late seating due to the intimate nature of this production and "in-the-round" seating configuration.

SMOKING — Herbal cigarettes will be smoked during the performance.

ADULT LANGUAGE — This play contains adult language and content.


The Huntington